nitroNITROVITA is a research based product containing 35 % v/v Nitro benzene.

NITROVITA stimulates the enzyme process in plant that results into adequate and proportional. NITROVITA helps in ently sprouting the seeds. The sprout develops quickly & with constant rare. Due to natural basic element contain in NITROVITA the level and roods of the plant develop grated absorbing power. As a result plants growth up quickly. NITROVITA induces more fruting and flowering due to the crop delivers dressed quality & quantity.

Recomended Crops: Potato, Chilly, Paddy, Cotton, Tobacco, Vegetables, Pulses, Fruits Crops.

Dose: Dilute 1-1.5 Per ltr. of water and spray over the plants.

Available packing:- 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr.